Brief Absence

I am just notifying you, my dear readers, that I will be going on a 5-day trip soon and won’t be able to answer your questions.

So if you post a comment and receive no answer, you now know why. Feel free to leave comments anyway, though – I’ll read through them and answer when I get back.

22 thoughts on “Brief Absence

    • I’m not exactly sure if I was asked for permission in this case, but I generally have no problems with translations. I’ve been asked for permission to translate the story to other languages several times and always granted it. So long as people don’t profit off my work or claim it as their own, I have no problems with it.

      Though I would be greatly pleased if people ask me before doing a translation anyway. And send me a link to the translation once it is up so I can check it out. It’s only polite.

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  1. Hello there, not sure how to contact you so here I am !

    I was wondering if you would give me permission to translate your novel into french (Hopefully I’ll be able to take over an existing translation, not sure if you knew about it/allowed it). Whatever, let me now if that is fine with you !

    By the way, loving your work so far, not a chapter disappointed me 😀


    • I grant you the permission. Just don’t sell my work or present it as your own and we’re golden. Also, please send me a link to the translation when you start – I like to check up translations from time to time to see what they accomplished and see if I can puzzle out the comments through google translate.

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  2. I have a question about the time loop. I don’t think it should spoil anything to answer it.

    If I understand correctly, the Sovereign Gate creates a new copy of every soul in the loop each it resets itself to the beginning of the month.

    Also, if I recall correctly, souls cannot be destroyed, ever, period.

    So, do all of those soul-copies end up in the spiritual planes after a reset? When the loop ends, will there be a thousand Xvim souls there? Or would it be like when a simulacrum is dismissed, and the two pieces of soul re-integrate into one being again?

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    • The time loop mechanism completely ignores the part about souls being indestructible. When the pocket universe is destroyed, everything in it (other than souls tagged with a valid marker) is destroyed along with it. Souls may be indestructible to in-universe entities, but they still need a universe bound by appropriate rules in order to continue existing.

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      • Thanks! I hadn’t remembered the part about the Gate being sealed off from the spiritual realms. That makes sense, that should can’t travel there from within.

        Kind of a shame, though. Whole conventions’ worth of Xvim souls interacting would be an interesting thing to witness.

        Oh, and just a nitpick about the latest chapter: Alanic “didn’t have too many other things vying for his time” twice in consecutive paragraphs.

        Thanks again!


    • . . . Wait a second. Does this mean if a person is trapped in a pocket dimension, like the orb for example, and said pocket dimension is destroyed while the person is inside, even the soul of that person is oblitterated?

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      • It depends on how thoroughly that pocket dimension is isolated from base reality. Most of them do not block access to the spiritual planes (and, in fact, their creators didn’t even know how do to that), so them getting destroyed does not destroy souls. The orb does not block the spiritual planes, for instance, so it getting destroyed would not condemn every soul inside to non-existence. But if access to the spiritual planes is blocked in a pocket dimension on the level of the orb… then yes, the souls of people inside would have indeed been destroyed along with the orb itself.

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      • I see. . . And I imagine it is no simple feat to go from making regular pocket dimensions to making pocket dimensions with perfect isolation from the spiritual planes. I can see why humans have no way of destroying souls. It seems that a soul is anchored in the spiritual planes somehow, and that is a necessary initial step to destroying it. I imagine the other steps are similarly difficult.

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  3. Hey! Hope u don’t mind me asking a non-magic related question, but anyway I was rereading the earlier chapters and noticed a strange name. In chapter 16, Taiven mentions a group called the Immortal Eleven. I was wondering who are they? Cause I’m pretty sure that is the only time they have ever been mentioned in this story. Are they, as the name suggests, immortal like Silverlake? Will we also ever see them or anyone of them in future chapters? Cause if not, I think it would be a shame. Maybe we could get a world building post on them since it’s been awhile since the last post.


    • This question was answered in a previous comment. You might want to read through all the comments on this wordpress site. Lots of useful but not story-critical info is contained in the comments section.

      The immortal eleven are exactly that, people like Silverlake that were not clever enough to keep their immortality a secret. Some used alchemy like she did, some used other methods. The particular methods are not revealed for obvious reasons.
      They are not a unified group either.

      It would likely be a spoiler to say if we will see one in the story or not.

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  4. Would it be ok if I posted your story on I would credit you and link your patreon account. I just noticed that stories on that site can get much more attention to their patreon pages than is usual, and I feel you ought to benefit from it.


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