The site you are looking at is dedicated to posting worldbuilding content related to my story, Mother of Learning, which is posted on fictionpress here or of RoyalRoad here. MoL is a fantasy story about a teenage mage stuck in a time loop, trying to survive and understand what is happening to him… while figuring out important truths about himself and people around him along the way. The setting is fantasy, but with guns, trains, giant magic-spewing holes scattered across the countryside, an underworld full of bloodthirsty monsters, vast stretches of untamed wilderness that is also full of bloodthirsty monsters, and a rather detailed magic system. Broadly speaking, the whole thing was inspired by D&D, Harry Potter, Full Metal Alchemist, Avernum/Exile series of games, and more besides… but it is ultimately its own unique thing.

I have put a lot of thought into the setting of the story, and not all of them can be fitted into the plot without hurting the overall flow of the narrative. Since I feel it is a shame to simply let these background information sit uselessly on my hard drive, and since many people have expressed a desire to read these worldbuilding notes, I have decided to start posting them here.

I will also post other MoL related content here, such as fanart I have received.