MoL Links, Fanart, Translation, etc.

As noted in the opening post, the main story can be found at fictionpress, here. In addition, my fictionpress profile also holds some important information, such as the next chapter release date and answers to some common questions.

For those who wish to send me money, I have a patreon page here. The patreon page also has information about donating via paypal, if you prefer that.

There is a MoL Wiki at this web address. I’m not involved in filling it out, but my fans have been pretty active.

In case you’re curious about how the setting looks like, you can see a rudimentary map of Altazia here. There is another map focused on political divisions and city placements here. Another map. A WIP world map.


Also, I have fanart! Rizaki717 has drawn some illustrations for Chapter 1 and posted them on his DeviantArt Account (click here). Specifically, he has posted a picture of Kirielle wake-up scene, Ilsa’s visit, The ever-mysterious bicycle girl, Benisek, Taiven, Magic staff and Xvim’s wonderful lesson. Taiven doesn’t really look like that in my head, but hey. My favorite is the Xvim scene – the expressions are perfect.

PocketSleuth has done a fair amount of fanart for MoL, featuring Zach, Zorian, Kirielle, and more. The collection can be seen in his ‘Mother of Learning’ section here.

LUCA has done some drawings of Zorian. Sadly, of the two, only one is still up. You can find it here.

Zyellowz has drawn an illustration of Zorian and his siblings that you can view here on his tumblr page.

Sheep has drawn a picture of Red Robe, which can be found here. Also another round of fanart here.

Artofjen has drawn a picture of the Kazinski siblings, which you can find here.

petrichorE6 (from reddit) has drawn a picture of Quatach-Ichl, which you can see here.

Zilch (pixiv) has drawn some fanart for the story in the form of a book cover. You can see it here.

Sydorow (RoyalRoad profile here) has drawn a another book cover for me. You can see it here. He also has another MoL fanart you can see here.

Denis/yomikoma has drawn a fanart of the angel summoned in chapter 96. You can see it here.

Nvidia14 has drawn a fanart of Quatach-Ichl. You can see it here.

Drakannon has drawn fanart of the angel summoned in chapter 102. You can see it here.

Another fanart of the angel, which you can find here. It is drawn by DracolichKnight on DeviantArt.

More fanart, this time of Zorian and his golem, comissioned by Ardvarkeating101 (reddit), and drawn by Aslovefromlies (tumblr).

Lastly, there are another two people who have made fanart of MoL but have not contacted me about it. Hopefully they are fine with me linking to them. The first is fanart of Kael and his daughter Kana ny Ninoozura, which can be found here. The second is a collection of drawings/sketches of various characters by Tolpen, which can be found here.


One of my readers is doing a Russian translation of the story. You can read it here. (Edit: And also here and here, because apparently the hosting site can’t quite handle large stories like mine.)

There is a Spanish translation here.


Another one of my fans has been doing a reading/audiobook of Mother of Learning. The first three chapters are done (but still pending some editing) and can be found here, here and here. Or you can just go to her website/tumblr stream at (I’m not sure if the tumbler link is still valid, as I can’t access it without a tumbler account anymore; In any case, the author stopped updating in 2015 so this project is probably dead at this point.)

John Gilmore has made a reading of Mother of Learning. He is at chapter 99, so pretty much up to date where the story is currently at.

FunnyMan has made a reading of Mother of Learning. The first three chapters have been posted.

Jack Voraces has made an audiobook of Mother of Learning. As of my posting this, the first four chapters have been made.

Agro Squerrils (Aspiring Audiobookologist) has made a MoL audiobook as well. The first four chapters are done as of now.


Some helpful tables made by Ull (who also did the audiobook up above):
MoL Character Appearance Chart: Lists all characters that appear in a particular chapter. If you ever wondered when a particular character showed up or when it was last mentioned, this will help.
MoL Time Table: Tries to keep track of how much time had passed in the story. That is, how many restarts did Zorian live though, and how long did they last (if they were cut short).

Nepene has written short fanfiction regarding the identity of Red Robe. You can find it here.

Armaell has made an epub of Arc 1 and Arc 2 for people who prefer reading MoL that way. You can find it at here.

30 thoughts on “MoL Links, Fanart, Translation, etc.

    • Wow, thanks! This probably won’t be much of a surprise, but I love getting fanart. If you’re okay with it, I’ll add the drawing to the list. And if the answer to that is yes, to whom do I credit it? (That is, what name/nickname should I put as the artist and do you want it to link to your tumbler or not.)


      • If you are adding me to the list, please credit me as “Sheep”. You can link directly to the image because most of my tumblr is non-MoL related stuff.

        I will try to draw more fan art when I have some time! You put a lot of love and effort into MoL and to me, there’s no better way to show my appreciation than to create fan art. I could tell you how much I liked it, but showing you how much I liked it would say a lot more.

        Thank you!!!


      • Oops, it was supposed to be Xvim but I pressed the wrong key by accident. Thanks for pointing it out!

        Is there any official depiction of Zorian’s appearance? I looked at the other fanart and read the description from the story, but I was unsure about the details so I made it up – that’s why I gave Zorian a school uniform blazer; I didn’t know what other clothes to give him. If there is any artwork where you have decided “This is what Zorian looks like”, it would good to know for the next time I do an art piece. Or if you are a “use your imagination and remember he has glasses” person, that’s fine too.

        There’s a bit of a discussion in the Reddit thread about it, haha.


      • I am very much in the ‘use your imagination’ category, which is why I never bothered to describe people too much. Turns out people don’t really like this much, so I probably should have put in wordier descriptions. Oh well. Anyway, the only thing definitive about Zorian is that he is thin, has glasses, and that his hair and eyes are brown.


      • I wonder if you’ve ever considered doing a fan art contest where you take a bunch of submissions for different characters and choose the one you like the best as the official character likeness.


      • Can’t say that I have. To be honest, I prefer to have people produce fanart ‘organically’ rather than trying to force it like that.

        Besides, as popular as my story is, I don’t think it’s at a level where I can just announce a contest like that and not look a bit premature/full of myself.


  1. I looked around here, on fictionpress, and on the fan run wiki and couldn’t find a pronunciation guide for the names of characters or locations. Your real name appears to Spanish in origin; I can see how some names like Quatach-Ichl and Ibasan seem to be influenced by Spanish, but I would really appreciate knowing how to properly say the names of the characters in the story.

    I guess one decent example would be Kirielle Kazinski. Kazinski is pretty strait forward, but the name seems influenced by Russian or Polish (this coming from a person with no experience with either language). What about Kirielle though? I’m guessing the “elle” is pronounced the same as in the name “Belle”, but it could “El – Lay” or “El – Lee” for instance. Are both of the “i’s” in “Kiri” pronounced with the same sound? The phonetics of how I read her name in my head would be “Kear – Ee – El”.

    If you have the time and effort to spare, a pronunciation guide for the more esoteric names would be appreciated (at least by me it would be). =)


    • I’m Croatian, actually. That’s why many of the names sound vaguely Slavic. Though I’m not really consistent about that. Anyway, words are generally read in Croatian exactly as they are written, so you can usually get an idea of how names are pronounced by choosing ‘Croatian’ in Goggle Translate and having it vocalize the word in question. X is Ks.

      Yeah, ‘elle’ is basically what you say, and you are reading her name in your head correctly.

      I’ll keep the pronunciation guide in mind.


  2. Hi there, nice story! I was wondering if you’ve given any consideration to making a professional audiobook of Mother of Learning? They are all the rage these days and I’d like to hear the story narrated by a professional.


  3. When you’re done writing the story, would you like someone to do some editing for you? I notice things like typos that get past spell-check because it’s a real word, just not the correct one; missing or duplicated words; things like that. I would enjoy reading over the completed story again anyway, so if an editorial reading would be useful to you I’d be glad to do it.


    • I have a bunch of people who have expressed interest in post-ending editing. I can’t promise anything but I will keep it in mind. In the meantime, you can just send me any typos you find to my email or as a comment on the story, and I’ll add them to the editing document to be corrected in time.


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    I am in the process of writing a fanfiction about Zorian being sent back to the beginning of the loop with all his shaping prowess and knowledge intact and ascending to godhood and doing everything cool people thought of to do in the loops that Zorian didn’t do because of practicality, ethics, or time.

    I am also making a new roleplay system about mother of learning so that people can play mother of learning.


  6. So, I check out a random webserial someone mentioned elsewhere, and find out the author is Croatian. I can’t process that. Webserials are an obscure medium and our population is like five people.


    • I like your name. 🙂

      Anyway, I feel for you. I keep seeing Croatian users in the unlikeliest of places on the internet. Every time I see a reader from Croatia I am surprised, for instance. I thought there was basically no market for fantasy in our parts of the world.


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